Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching Up With Summer

Here's my small project for June--"Wool Pennies and Scallops"--it measures 8"x10" and is my interpretation of the traditional wool penny mats [patterns and kits are for sale at Shaffer's Countryside Quilting ( or by emailing me].

Where has the summer gone? I did have Wool Pennies and Scallops done and ready for sale before the end of June. As for my July project . . . well, it is still a work in progress:

I think I need to add something on the left side--a hummingbird? Bumblebee? I am waiting for inspiration!

During July I also made a wool picture:

The background is coffee-stained pages from an old book, and the flowers, leaves, vase are wool. "Wool picture" sounds so boring and not very descriptive. What do you think I should call these?

Now it's time to make the small project for August, which I haven't even started yet! Where does the time go?